The job as a call center operator is not an easy job. As the vanguard of a telecommunications company service, call centers are required to be able to resolve problems that are complained about by customers. Therefore, the call center tijuana trains employees to be able to handle a variety of customer characters who call them. Not infrequently they also become targets of abuse and verbal abuse by callers. Here are some types of call center callers. The following 5 types of characters are most often found by call center operators call center tijuana.

1. Callers who like to get angry
This is a nightmare for call center operators. They often curse and use dirty words.
“The laziest if you meet someone who likes to get angry, if the company cannot counter angry customers, it must be fixed,” Ines said.

2. Good and friendly callers
Ines said this is the type all call centers want. “Contrary to the first, this type of caller is certainly a paradise for call centers. It’s a pleasure that all callers are like this type.”

3. Caller layman
This type is usually the first time people hold gadgets. “We have to be extra patient to explain the steps to overcome the problem of this caller,” Ines continued.

4. Smart callers
According to Ines, this is a caller who can be classified as ‘annoy’. Not to use the theme in a positive sense, of course. “One example is that if they do not realize that they are activating a data package even though they did not buy a data package. They complain that the credit is sucked, but they are told to be insistent and insistent, that’s an example.”

5. Smart callers
This caller usually calls only to ask for confirmation if there is anything unclear. “Usually the problem of truncated pulses, once explained already know and not many complaints,” said Ines.
Those types of callers are categorized by one of the call center service providers that work with well-known cellular companies. Which type are you in?

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