The iPhone 7 is one of the most advanced products Apple has ever issued. The antiair feature and the power of the camera, making the phone released in 2016 become one of Apple’s favorite fans. In the midst of all the sophistication, this cellphone turned out to have several problems that often arise. Quoted from Digital Trends, the following are five common problems on the iPhone 7 and solutions to these problems. In the meantime, you may also want to take a look at the Used iphone 7 in Stock.

Cannot Search for Signals

Last year, a bug caused the iPhone 7 to not be able to search for cellular services. But according to Apple, this problem is only suffered by the ‘small portion’ of iPhone 7 users.

The solution? You can re-enter the SIM card. If the test is successful, you can update iOS to the most recent version.

3.5 MM Jack Headphone Loss

Apple’s decision to eliminate headphone jacks caused controversy. It’s because users can not use headphones when the iPhone is being charged.

The solution? There is an adapter on the market that allows users to listen to music while charging. In addition, users can use Bluetooth headphones.

Weak battery

The battery life of the iPhone 7 should be better than the iPhone 6S. But some users complain that their iPhone 7 batteries are quickly drained.

The solution? Try iOS updates to version 10.3.2. You can also use battery saving mode located in the settings menu.

Poor Sound Quality

The iPhone 7 audio problem is most complained of by users on the Apple forum. Some users report that the sound coming out of the cell phone sounds so bad.

The solution? Go to settings, then increase the volume of the ringer and alerts. You can also do a number of ways, such as removing the case or cleaning dust on the speaker.

3D Touch does not work

The 3D Touch feature is an important part of the iPhone 7 because this feature allows users to interact with the application. Unfortunately, some users complain that the 3D touch feature is not working.

The solution? If you have just installed a screen protector, try to remove it, then use 3D Touch again. In addition, you can go to settings, then activate 3D Touch manually.

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