Granite floors are now widely used. Besides giving the impression of being cold, granite gives the owner the impression of luxury. Of course, caring for granite floors will be slightly different from ordinary floors. Maybe some of you don’t understand the treatment of granite floors, making the floor dull and not shiny. When that happens, you should look for Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches to help restore the granite floor to its original quality read more here.

The following are the steps to take care of the granite floor so that it is not dull and still charming:

– Avoid using ordinary floor cleaners
Granite floors require extra care compared to other floors. You can’t use a regular floor cleaner to clean granite. If you don’t have a granite floor polishing look, you can use water only. But it is still recommended that you use a special liquid to clean the granite floor.

– Provide a mat at the entrance
What is the connection between providing a mat and caring for granite floors to keep it clean and shiny? Doormat is useful for cleaning the feet of people who will enter your residence. Dust and sand are one reason granite floors are quickly dull and dirty. So always provide clean mats at the entrance. In addition, make it a habit for guests who come to take off their shoes or sandals because the soil attached can make the floor quickly dull.

– Avoid placing rough and sharp furniture
Rugged and sharp furniture makes the floor scratched, so avoid putting it on the floor. Because scratched granite floors can only be polished with special materials to eliminate these scratches. Also, avoid vacuum cleaners on granite floors because the vacuum cleaner wheels can scratch the surface of the floor.

– Choose a quality floor cleaning fluid
Cleaning granite floors requires special quality liquid. Avoid acidic floor cleaners and chemicals that are too strong because they can damage the floor surface. Always use granite cleaning liquid with a balanced pH.

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