Depression is indeed a disease that is quite bad for someone. Someone who feels depressed will also have overall poor health. For that, handling someone who is depressed is indeed the main thing. One of the treatments that can be done by someone who is depressed is to use ayahuascha. Ayahuasca is indeed one of the ingredients believed to be able to handle this depression problem.

Depression alone can be experienced by anyone, but most sufferers of depression will occur when they are adults. The causes are also diverse, ranging from genetic, biological, psychological, and environmental factors that are not good for themselves. Depression also has several causes which unfortunately many people don’t realize. Some of the cases referred to are

1. Have experienced a traumatic event
Someone who experiences a traumatic event such as torture or abuse even loses someone who is loved can cause the symptoms of depression to become more acute. Depression must be handled as early as possible so that the healing obtained will also be more maximal.

2. Having certain diseases
Not infrequently, too, there are many people who have certain types of disease and who cause depression. Some of the diseases referred to here are head injuries, and disorders of thyroid hormones. People who have chronic diseases and threaten their lives such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, or cancer can also be the cause of acute depressions and can even threaten their lives to double.

3. Dependence on alcohol and drugs
Apparently, there are people who often consume alcohol and narcotics can cause depression too. Usually, they often consume alcohol and drugs have reasons that they are trying to escape from the problem at hand. So, if you are taking drugs and have depressive symptoms it is better to get treatment that uses ayahuasca. This treatment has been known for a long time to deal with this problem.

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