WordPress is a solid blogging platform. Many bloggers and websites are using WordPress as their CMS with the dream to have their own blogs crowded with visitors. Even so, not a few bloggers who give up on the road because they feel the blog is not as busy as they want. Not many visitors come to the website and a few comments are received. The problem is, blogs or websites do not just become popular despite having good content. The term “get up and wait for visitors to come” does not apply to blogs. You need a strategy to increase visitors and make it more popular so that your hard work has resulted. How to? One of them is you can use the services of the best new york seo.

– Define Topics and Focus

Many bloggers who start blogs with plans to write about their lives and thoughts about things in general. The problem is, although some posts may be interesting for some visitors, the content is too broad it makes people do not want to re-visit your blog. If you want to create a popular blog, you need to focus on 1 or 2 topics. If you feel you do not want to write just one topic, extend the topic slowly. For example, first you write about online games, of course, this will attract visitors for some time, then to keep increasing visitors, you will need to write about the tips on playing games on PC and continue to discuss the various games that exist widely.

– Make friends with Bloggers

For example you are a blogger gamer, of course, many others with the same niche, is not it? Well, this is your chance to search for other bloggers and watch their blog. You can participate by commenting on the articles they create. Comment fields usually allow you to include links. This way, you can earn friends in the blogger community with the same niche, plus backlinks from relevant websites or blogs. When giving comments, always give a sincere and clear comment, not made solely to promote your blog. Provide useful information and opinions when commenting so as not to be spam.

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