According to some people, the word cloud computing may still be unfamiliar. Basically, cloud computing is still rarely used in everyday digital needs. However, many applications have been carried out only on the server or central computers. And the use of cloud computing itself will be more widespread in the future because this system allows you to run an application on several computers without having to install it one by one. If you want to know more about cloud computing, you can simply visit our website right now.

Cloud computing is a combination of the use of the internet network which serves to store various files in one database. In this technology, data deviates on certain servers, as well as software or other applications that allow one computer server to share it with other computers that are connected.

This will save operational costs as well as save time because it does not require a large capacity hard drive to store each software file. Like for example Microsoft Word data which is enough to be installed once on the server and then can be used on other computers without having to bother doing the installation again.

From the understanding of cloud computing above, we can already draw conclusions as to how this system works. The cloud computing system works online and continuously without stopping through the internet network. All activities will be centered on the server computer and each type of data will be stored immediately and ready to use at any time.

The next way of working is to allow users to run an application and everything that is run on the application will be stored again on the server computer. End users and server computers that are stored by switches and routers to extend existing networks. So that we can see or re-run the application wherever and whenever.

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