Condos are the form of a unit. A condo is a unit in a building that is larger than the unit you have, and there is usually a shared fee to pay for communal areas that can include facilities and a pool area. Even though you don’t have this area, you contribute to maintenance through shared costs, and you have full access to this area. You cannot make changes to the communal area. But you are free to paint and renovate as desired in the unit. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a high-quality condo in Singapore, just take a look at the Piermont Grand showflat.



Townhomes are characterized by dwellings that have a structure of outer and inner units. A townhome may have similar features to a free-standing house, such as a garage, but usually has at least one wall along with neighbors.

Townhome owners are usually responsible for property maintenance. Townhomes may also have associations similar to condominiums, and have public areas such as swimming pools or shared facilities owned by the community. In other words, the townhome is a housing complex.


The term villa has grown to include many types of dwellings. The first term is used to describe elegant homes with intricate structures inhabited by wealthy people to relax. No wonder most villas are large and strategically located.

At present, the term villa is more often associated with homes for holidays but with facilities such as hotels. The villa still resembles a house but is more luxurious and large, usually on plantations, peaks, beaches, and other strategic locations. The villas are usually well-maintained and luxuriously decorated.

Big difference

Because villas are more often associated with holiday properties, they are usually not occupied except for holidays or commercial use. Scrambling to rent a villa is normal when the holiday season arrives. These properties are also usually much larger than condominiums or townhomes.

Townhouses and condominiums generally have the same fees and policies, because sometimes townhomes can technically be condominiums too. However, a condo is the only one of the three types of property that have neighbors above or below it.

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