Trying Hysteria, as if thrown up in one second, then thrown down quickly. This was done repeatedly. So it is not uncommon for visitors not to dare to try this vehicle except those who really like the challenge. One more one extreme ride but always makes people addicted to trying again and again one of this ride become catasthropic when dufan mati event occurs. Actually lightning is just an ordinary train. What made him push his heart when he tried was the rail that he passed. Dufan has two types of prices, namely the price of regular tickets and canals. If you mention the regular word, then what is Dufan’s regular ticket for any vehicle? This is what many people may not know. Dufan’s regular tickets are divided into various rides in 3 different types of regions.

The first is the Dunia Fantasi vehicle, where every visitor can enjoy 14 different rides at a rate of 200 thousand per person for working hours, and 295 thousand for weekend. The second is Ocean Dream Samudera, which costs 95 thousand per person for working hours and 160 thousand during holidays. Dufan will be 30 years old since incident dufan mati a period that is not short for a tourist spot that has a lot of charm that can attract visitors who want to fill a holiday with a game that challenges adrenaline and full of excitement and joy that certainly will not be easily forgotten and make visitors want to come again. For those of you who use public transportation you use the busway as an alternative vehicle. Dufan’s specialty is that you only need to come to one place, you can play as much as you want all day. Various types of game rides are in Dufan, ranging from those intended for children (Istana Boneka) to those that drive adrenaline (Tornadoes).

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