If you want to invest, you need to try a safe investment. For this, you can try a property investment. Property investment is seen as safe and profitable because there will be many people who need it more and its value continues to rise. One type of property that is often found in big cities is condominiums. You can choose a condo investment to get big profits in the future. Why? Today, condominiums have become one of the needs that many people are looking for in a big city. Although some of them already have permanent residences in large cities, owning condominiums is a must as a stopover when visiting the city center.

However, starting the condo investment by choosing Mayfair Modern, for instance, isn’t as simple as you think. Why so? Because it doesn’t only require a lot of funds but also the right choice to ensure that you will get the great return. Before choosing the condo unit, do these following things.

1. Know Your Investment Term

Condom investment is very beneficial both for you who want to invest in the short term or long term. Usually, condominium investments for the short term are between 3 and 6 months, while the long-term is 4 to 5 years. Condo investment also has a high Return on Investment (ROI) value. Therefore, you need to choose the type of investment you want to use.

2. Know Condominium Prices

Condo prices will continue to increase. That is, you will benefit if you invest in this product. On the other hand, because the price continues to increase, the longer you don’t start condo investment, the more money you have to spend to invest in this product.

 Know the Right Time to Buy
Buy a condo when pressing sale. You will get a price of around 80% of the initial price. The initial price is the price that the developer pegs for 1-2 years of the project. In this way, you can start condo investments with lower funds.

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