The World of Fantasy or what Dufan often calls has several different regions that are named according to the large continents in the world. Call it the European region tiket dufan ancol, the American region and the Asian region. Although not all regions represent the entire large continent in the world. The existing game platform also represents each region that is carried since the incident of dufan mati. Including ornaments around the area. Dozens of games that Dufan offers are of various types. Starting from the nature that is only for fun until the adrenaline is very high so that the body feels like flying.

It seems to be able to enjoy the whole game that is in Dufan is not enough with just one day. After all, all the vehicles in Dufan are like “opium” effects. Because even though I have tried the vehicle before it is guaranteed to be addicted to trying it again.This is one of the new extreme vehicles in Dufan. By having two towers and seating around the entire side of the tower. the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, Ancol was then designated as an integrated tourism area since in 2017 they experience unsettling event known as dufan mati because of electricl issue . Furthermore, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta also appointed PT Pembangunan Jaya as the agency that carried out the construction of Ancol tourism projects. PT Pembangunan Jaya as the Development Agency (BPP) is working on the project in stages, adjusted to the increasing state of the national economy and people’s purchasing power.

As the development of the company increased, then in 1992 the status of the Development Implementing Agency was changed to PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol. What made him push his heart when he tried was the rail that he passed. There are rails with rounded shapes so that when crossing them seems to feel upside down, there are also rails with relatively high derivatives or grades, some are even swooping.

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