Even though it is used by sick people and under the supervision of a doctor, continuous use of opioids will result in biological and psychological dependence. While people who are healthy and consume all types of opioids will have more severe dependence. However, this dependence can be overcome in various ways and through teams that are all disciplined. Apart from that, you may also want to read more about the recommended drugs rehabilitation center near your area.

The way to deal with the opioid addiction is as follows.

Doctor’s treatment

Doctor treatment is generally given by giving a substitute drug little by little until the dose dependence on the type of opioid used is reduced and lost. Some medications that doctors can give, namely:


This type of drug is most widely used as a substitute for opioid addiction, specifically the type of morphine. The effect of the effects of morphine danger on its users will also be felt by the people around it. Methadone works by preventing drug withdrawal symptoms that can cause death. Methadone is given to people who are physically addicted to a dose that is adjusted for the degree of dependence.


Buprenorphine is only used in symptoms of intermediate degree physical dependence. Not many doctors recommend because it can cause new dependence and cause the effects of withdrawal symptoms. Buprenorphine is given after an opioid addict has reduced the daily dose of opioid.


This drug is also widely used in patients with opioids to prevent drug withdrawal symptoms and inhibit further opioid influences. Usually used on addicts who have recovered to prevent symptoms of relapse.


Lofexidine is used to treat low levels of opioid addiction or people who are addicted can still control themselves well. This drug is an alpha adrenergic agonist to reduce the effects of opioids on the brain.

Hypnotherapy Method

The use of hypnotherapy can be used to overcome dependence on narcotics. This method includes a new method that makes people really do not want opioids back. How to do hypnotherapy is also relatively easy. However, this method must be balanced with mentoring doctors or other health professionals, because it can cause withdrawal symptoms. In addition, without assistance from doctors, psychological experts, and families, the tendency of patients to relapse is greater.

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