The laws of citizenship and nationality of the United Kingdom are very complex because of the long history of the power of the monarchy of the United Kingdom — the United Kingdom or the UK is the United Kingdom of Great Britain (including Britain and Scotland) and Northern Ireland. However, two basic ways to become a UK citizen are to become naturalized citizens after living in the UK for 5 years, or by marrying a UK citizen and living in that country for 3 years. You must meet certain requirements to submit an application. You must also take the b1 test learn more here.

Living in the UK. To become a naturalized citizen, generally, you must live in the UK (England, Scotland, or Northern Ireland) for five years before applying for citizenship. You must have a visa if you live in the UK. Some types of visas that allow you to stay in the UK are work visas, student visas, visas given to family members or partners, retirement visas or visit visas.

Complete the application to settle in the UK. This application will ask about your visa and your current situation. If accepted, you will be allowed to stay indefinitely and not be given a specific date to leave the country as you have to do with a visa. This application must be completed one year before applying for citizenship

Have a clean criminal report. You must have a good record of becoming a UK citizen, although usually minor violations will not be disputed.

You should decide to stay in the UK. You must plan to stay in the UK if you want to apply for naturalization to become a citizen. You must also stay in the UK for a certain number of days before the date of application; You can only stay 450 days outside the UK in the previous 5 years and 90 days in the past year.

Furthermore, you should prove your English competence. You have to prove that you can speak English, which will be discussed more broadly in the next section.

The next step of living in the UK is passing an English test. This test is about culture and life in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You will get more information about this in the next section.

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