Being an event organizer (EO) is not easy, because many EOs have failed on their journey. Now how do you become a good EO from beginners? It’s obviously won’t be an easy job, due to an EO must think of Content Creation, event schedule, and a lot of other things.

Here are tips for beginners to become a successful event organizer:

Determine Interest

Event Organizer has its own specialties. There are those that are specifically for marriage called Wedding Organizer, there are those who specialize in music concerts, there are special seminars or expos, government events and so on. Determine where your focus is. Then sharpen your abilities in the field you choose. If you are still confused because of lack of experience, try to work/join another EO for a few moments so that you have a clear experience and picture for your future goals. After you feel enough, build your own EO.

Form a Team

As an EO, you certainly cannot work alone. You need at least 2 to 3 people to help you as the core team. Form a team with friends who share your passion. If possible, look for people who have different skills. For example, one who is an expert in promotion, then another who is a financial expert, who is an expert in licensing, and who is an expert in talent management. This will later facilitate the division of tasks because each of them already knows their abilities.

Relationships Are Everything

Create a good relationship with everyone, especially those who will always relate to your profession as an EO. Starting from vendors who have collaborated with you, then maybe talent management or artist manager, and also your previous clients. Because in the world of EO, relationships increase your chances of success because that’s where you might get new clients.


As an entrepreneur, of course, you need other people to know that there are services available to them. Therefore promotion is very important. In this era, of course, you must have a website and an official social media account. Create as attractive as possible the website and your EO social media account and monitor and update it regularly.

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