Stress is a person’s physical response to changes that require adjustment. It includes physical, mental, emotional and psychological reactions. Situations of stress can cause the brain to allow tension in flight mode or fight. Flight is when people escape situations that cause stress or fights to confront them. However, stress allows humans to give spontaneous rapid responses. The mode of ‘flight or fight’ is driven by stress hormones. Some of these hormones are dorpamine, adrenaline, nonadrenaline, endorphins and cortisol. This hormone causes a wave of energy in the body when pumped into the bloodstream. Then the body reacts to certain situations with the help of hormones.

The hormone mentioned is also responsible for increasing the heart rate, brain activity, blood flow, and the breathing process of a person. It can also temporarily stop digestion to conserve energy and encourage muscle tension. Everyone does not realize that all kinds of pressure are harmless or negative. A positive form of stress that makes people feel happy and happy is called Eustress. A small amount of stress can help to humans in keeping the brain alert and making it perform more leads to better responses and reactions.

This stress is commonly known as harmful to the body. It can be harmful to humans when it eliminates everything associated with slowing down even a little and relaxing. When a person works for a long time, gets tense and burns out the stress that comes from it’s dangerous. A lot of stress can hurt people. Low levels of symptoms include headaches and have a weakened immune system that makes the body more susceptible to common diseases. Severe and chronic stress can cause extensive damage. Chronic stress is considered one of the major causes of health-related problems today. Research has revealed that chronic stress is associated with a major cause of death. Cancer and fireside diseases are a prime example. Other types of diseases can be caused by unwanted stress. Psychological problems such as anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression can be caused by stress. This has a detrimental effect on human health. Hypertension and high cholesterol are some examples that can cause digestive ulcers, diabetes, obesity and stroke.

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