If you are running an online business and an online store will certainly think to get visitors from the local area, besides being easy, of course, the shipping costs do not cost a lot. It will also be more efficient to run an online business for your own area, but how do you target the right local visitors? This question is often expressed by many SEO experts and Google itself as one of the no. 1, for now, has several methods that will make it easier for you to get local visitors by setting multiple targets from the webmaster. Here, we are New York SEO Company – Charles Brian International will explain to you, about the launch of the pegionion algorithm in the past year where the role of Google pggimimas is to improve search results based on regions. Here are tips for targeting local visitors in accordance with the SEO rules that have been provided by some SEO experts in the world.


The first to target local visitors to your site must be integrated with the search results with maps, to use map search results can go directly to the Google My Business link. To create a map is required to create a page on Google Plus. For that, you must enter first to create a map page for search results. In map making or MAP. Use the right address because you will get verification from Google that will be sent by post. If you have not received verification, you can try again until you get a verification code from the post office or you can go directly to the local postcard to ask about the letter from Google.

The second is to target local visitors, you must target search results in webmasters. To do so, you can go directly to the Google webmaster. If you are already signed in with your account, just click on your site and see the picture below to make navigation easier. The last is to use a local hosting service. Because by using local hosting, the search engine will know about the IP SERVER hosting so that the search engine will give privileges to the site for local search results. In this case, you can use a cheap hosting service from Our Hosting that has met hosting standards for the local area.

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