An airsoft gun is a replica of a firearm that resembles its original form used for sports or games that simulate the military (war). An airsoft gun is very safe to use as long as the user uses adequate security and complies with the procedures for using an airsoft gun and its gear. Airsoft games have also become popular in so many countries and are increasingly spread out supported by an active Internet community.


Aside from that, there are some terms in airsoft gun communities that you need to know:

AEG “Automatic Electric Gun” or electric-powered AEG, can be Rifle or Sub Machine Gun. Some are equipped with accessories and components. AEG is designed for more serious players or fans of tweaking or upgrading. AEG combines dynamo and battery operated to drive the piston that produces air pressure. Most AEGs are long barrel units that use automatic shots.

GBB “Gas Blow Back” or GBB is the most effective product, in the performance of a GBB rifle, the bullet is driven by pressure from oxygen gas (o2) or Green Gas. This type of short barrel airsoft gun is the type of airsoft gun that most often uses power from gas. For those of you who want to buy a GBB airsoft gun, make sure you know what type of gas to use first.

AEP “Automatic Electric Pistol” is the same as the AEG but has an average pistol shape using an iron gearbox. This is a type of airsoft gun that is rare in south-east Asia, and the stores there rarely provide this type of airsoft gun.

The EBB “Electric Blow Back” is the same as AEP but uses a plastic gearbox, with a “blowback” effect such as GBB, the slide moves backward when shot.

LPEG “Low Power Electric Gun” or LPEG is the same as AEG but uses a plastic gearbox so the bullet speed is limited, suitable for beginners or low-cost. However, for those who want to seriously pursue the world of airsoft gun, do not be half-hearted, just select GBB or AEG directly.

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