LED lights are a type of lamp that uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, which is a semiconductor that works by converting the electrical energy received into light. This LED technology continues to grow because it has a variety of advantages. Even it is estimated that in the future this LED lamp will dominate the type of incandescent or CFL. Why do you finally choose Retro Led Light Bulbs?

There are several things you need to pay attention to before deciding to buy LED lights, both in terms of efficiency and price. To find out more about this, here is the review:

Pay attention to Lumens, not Watts

In incandescent and CFL lamps, generally the brightness level is set and determined by the Watt Unit. But this is different from LED lights, the brightness level is determined by Lumens (lm). The greater the lumens they have, the brighter the light will be. So to choose an LED light that is suitable for your room, be sure to pay attention to the Lumens.

Expensive When Purchased, Cheap When Used

LED lights are a sophisticated innovation in lighting technology, this certainly makes the selling price more expensive than incandescent or CFL. But if we do a long-term search, even though these LED lights are actually cheaper. How can? In terms of energy saving LED lights have a smaller wattage than incandescent or CFL lamps of the same brightness. After all, LED lights also have a lifespan of 2x fold longer than incandescent or CFL lamps.

Dimmable LED

Dimmable feature is the ability of the LED light to be dimmed, usually a special tool (switch) is used to adjust the light bulb from extinguished, dim, bright, to very bright. Not all LEDs have this feature, usually on LEDs that support the Dimmable feature will be printed on the box with the words Dimmable Light or non-Dimmable.

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