For the basic/standard equipment group, it is equipment that must be owned by a workshop, after that, it follows a special tools group, and the last one may be equipped may not be a complementary group, this group can also be called workshop accessories. Meanwhile, visit ReviewJam website to find the helpful reviews that can make it easier for you to choose the excellent angle grinders.

In addition to choosing tools, it is also important to determine the quantity, size, brand, and quality that must be chosen, this greatly affects the initial capital budget, so it is expected that new workshop entrepreneurs can use the initial capital budget wisely.

Basic / standard equipment group.
Air Compressor.
Air compressor hose.
Air Duster.
Tire inflating gun.
Socket set.
Open end wrench.
Double ring wrench.
Combined wrench.
Wrench (adjustable wrench).
Valve lock.
Valve retaining lock.
Combination Pliers.
Taper Pliers.
Cutting pliers.
Tang Crocodile.
Pliers snap ring.
Socket set.
T. sock lock
Screwdriver set.
Screwdriver tap set.
Hexagonal L key set (hexagonal key).
L key tork.
L key valve.
Fuller set.
Iron file.

Special tools group:

Table rag.
Hand drill.
Hand burrs.
Burrs sit.
Drill sitting.
Magnet tracker.
Bearing tracker.
Check valve.
Chain cutters.
Matic clutch nut lock.
Open tire tool.
Magnetic retaining device.
Retaining device per clutch (clutch spring compressor).
Clutch nut opening tool.
Double clutch holder.
Clutch center holder.
Compression gauge.
Charge batteries.
DC test pen.

 Complementary group:

Bike lift.
Tools drawer/tools box.
Hose Reel.
Air screwdriver.
Air impact wrench.
Air micro grinder.

Once again, it is very important to determine the quantity, size, brand, and quality that must be chosen because lately there are so many brands and quality tools that are on the market, this greatly benefits consumers because the more choices, only consumers are expected to be more thorough and wise choose tools.

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