Tennis is one type of sport that has many benefits. There are many people who play tennis regularly so that they get maximum health. before playing tennis, you must have some equipment. One of the equipment that you must have is tennis shoes. You can visit so you get best tennis shoes for you. Tennis shoes affect the quality of your tennis game.

For beginners, there are a number of tips you can do to get the most out of tennis. Tennis cannot be played carelessly because tennis is a sport that requires calculation. Here are some tips for beginners to do when playing tennis.

– The first tip is, the body always goes forward and adjusts the distance. Hitting without advancing your body will make the impression of forcing you to hit the ball and this makes the resulting punch bad / not good. Therefore, come and pick up towards the ball, do not be passive and wait for the ball to you. If it’s too far, move forward, this will have a big impact on the punch.

– The second tip is to hit the ball until the racket is beside your head. Swing the racket when you hit the ball as far as possible because the tennis court is big enough so that we have to give a strong and distant push. Therefore, if the racket can get to the side of your head, your impulse will automatically begin to exist.

– The third tip is to look at the position. When you are in the front position, strengthen the spin power, reduce the boost, but at the back, strengthen the force of encouragement, but don’t hit without spin.

– The fourth tip is, Warming up before the sport. This makes the body more flexible and also makes movements not stiff.
The last tip, don’t hit it carelessly, that good punch contains the power of spin and also the power of encouragement that collaborates with each other.

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