If you are a webmaster or web developer who often designs a website, of course, you are already very familiar with the term VPS, yes virtual private servers, known as Virtual Machines, are servers that can be installed on their own and can be used like dedicated servers have a lot of resources compared to shared hosting. You can get free vps from vpswala.

In general there are a lot of advantages of VPS compared to Shared Hosting in general, besides having more resource capacity than shared hosting, whether it’s CPU, Memory, or Spacenya, also this VPS offers advantages where your website can freely use resource capacity, this certainly far different from the shared hosting that requires you a variety of database space with other websites that are incorporated in one server, well for more details, the Use of VPS You Must Know

– Sufficient Hosting

One of the main uses of VPS is to have sufficient hosting, by using VPS you don’t have to worry if your website will lack database resources, the article is by using VPS then you can have a large-scale website without worrying about running out of hosting space.

– proxy

Interestingly, by using a Virtual private server you can also easily create a proxy that is used for IP masking using our VPS server, this is certainly very effective when compared to shared hosting that does not have a proxy setting feature for IP masking.

– Tunneling

One of the many uses that are used by phreakers when they use virtual private servers is by utilizing the tunneling feature, you need to know that tunneling has many uses where a web developer can create a path or route by managing VPS especially if they use system-based operations Linux, besides using Tunneling, you can access the internet using your own Virtual private server.

– Video encoding

Besides being used to make Tunneling, one of the uses of VPS is that it can be used to encode video, this is because encoding video usually takes a very long time and takes hours, but with the VPS it will be an option because it can continue for 24 hours , it can even be a full month if the server is capable of encoding the video itself.

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