Rafting or also known as arung jeram is a water sport. This sport is an extreme water sport. Arung jeram is a sport that is using an inflatable boat and paddle. This water sport is working on the fast flowing river. Arung jeram is quite challenging for some people. Dufan, one of the most favorite play park in Jakarta, also has arung jeram. Some people said that arung jeram dufan is just a replica of the real arung jeram.
Arung jeram has become an international sport. There are so many people join this extreme water sport. From children until an adult, they all get interested in arung jeram or also known as rafting.

This water sport, arung jeram, is a sport that very challenging yet very fun. Actually, there are so many requirements to do this water sport. First of all, as mentioned before, arung jeram is a water sport. It is still categorized as a sport. So to do this sport, you must to have a fit body. if your body is not feeling well, you are not recommended to do this sport. Because this sport may make your body feel worst.

The second point is, you have to wear a safety kit. The safety kits is a helmet and a safety jacket. You have to choose the perfect size of the helmet and safety jacket. You are not recommended to wear a helmet and safety jacket that is too tight or too loose. You also have to wear the perfect outfit. Perfect outfit means an outfit that in accordance with the condition. You have to wear an outfit that very comfortable. Because your outfit will affect your movement.

Last but not least, as you know, arung jeram or rafting is a sport. There is always a possibility to get injured. So make sure, you already meet the requirements and also don’t forget to pray first before doing this extreme water sport.

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